President's Message


In the last two hundred years the world lived up to that time mankind has accumulated over thousands of years has seen an explosion in information technology. First, agricultural societies into industrial societies, saying the information and communications ages after we entered the space age. Mankind is now many times more than it produces over thousands of years began to fit quite a few years.

Hunger in this country who can not change the location you navigate through this period of transition gecikenler have continued to live a more painful way.
Although we live in our country at the end of the last century because of rapid social change, participated in this transition is a little late, the pain to let up. Turkey is now rapidly becoming a global village with a country referred to in today's world is becoming a more common name.

Owned by people who believe in the values ​​of our country had a right to be represented on this platform as we always do our part and we have in our country always strives to bring a step further. Always looked forward to making our experience accumulated basis. I always wanted the new ones and always try to reach the new ones. Within a short time as a result of this success that we have achieved.

Now, valuing people, and the use of tracking technology, to develop the technology to do research, to people striving to offer more prosperous life than we understand how important it is.

Employees in harmony, using the most advanced technology possible and to continue to see this as the first priority is customer satisfaction to our esteemed customers that we serve so far and after that, respected customer service will give our candidates say hello again.

Toprakcilar Makine San. Tic. Ltd.. Sti.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
HAMZA agrarian