About Us


Founded in 1990, and as of today, where necessary, our company is operating in the domestic and overseas markets, and food machinery industry gained vast experience in serving you with an understanding of the infinite and unchanging quality of the happiness.

With its R & D activities does not change along with any principle of the philosophy of continuous improvement and total quality Toprakcilar Machine, all work in this direction, yürütmektedir.Ayrıca globalizing world order, customers who know the target of offering the maximum quality, best price Toprakcilar Machine, a total of 14,000 square meters, as well as 3,000 open space carrying out activities of square meters covered area.

Since our establishment, we continue our work from the first day followed by modern technological developments, innovations and sisitemlerimize adapts to our products, we offer superior products to our customers the maximum quality and innovation.

Our mission is to international standards by using new technologies to our customers by providing efficient and quality competitiveness of manufacturing environments to ensure permanent. Facility, all machines produced a strong body structure, and a series of studies, the latest technological equipment, skilled labor, long life and Technical service support and customer satisfaction is adopted as the condition does not change.

Needed at all levels, capable of passing a mill and industrial machinery manufacturing life Toprakcilar machine, then the target will determine based on the world markets and satisfaction of our customers will continue its development with much more quickly.

Hoping to achieve a beautiful future together ...